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PatchBay::Port Class Reference
[Modular patch bay canvas widget.]

#include <Port.h>

Inheritance diagram for PatchBay::Port:


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Detailed Description

A port on a module on the canvas.

This is a group that contains both the label and rectangle for a port.

Definition at line 43 of file Port.h.

Public Member Functions

void add_connection (Connection *c)
int color () const
Gnome::Art::Point connection_coords ()
list< Connection * > & connections ()
double height () const
void hilite (bool b)
bool is_input () const
bool is_output () const
Gnome::Canvas::Text * label ()
Modulemodule () const
void move_connections ()
const string & name () const
void popup_menu (guint button, guint32 activate_time)
 Port (Module *module, const string &name, bool is_input, int color)
void raise_connections ()
Gnome::Canvas::Rect * rect ()
void remove_connection (Connection *c)
void width (double w)
double width () const
void zoom (float z)

Protected Attributes

int m_color
list< Connection * > m_connections
double m_height
bool m_is_input
Gnome::Canvas::Text m_label
Gtk::Menu m_menu
string m_name
Gnome::Canvas::Rect m_rect
double m_width

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