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PatchBay::PatchBayArea Class Reference
[Modular patch bay canvas widget.]

#include <PatchBayArea.h>

Inherited by PatchagePatchBayArea.

List of all members.

Detailed Description

The Patch Bay canvas widget.

Applications must override some virtual methods to make the widget actually do anything (ie connect).

Definition at line 53 of file PatchBayArea.h.

Public Member Functions

Connectionadd_connection (Port *port1, Port *port2)
void add_connection (const string &mod1_name, const string &port1_name, const string &mod2_name, const string &port2_name)
void add_module (Module *m)
virtual bool connection_drag_handler (GdkEvent *event)
void destroy ()
void do_zoom ()
Modulefind_module (const string &name)
Portfind_port (const string &module_name, const string &port_name)
double height () const
ModuleMap & modules ()
bool on_expose_event (GdkEventExpose *ev)
 PatchBayArea (double width, double height)
virtual bool port_event (GdkEvent *event, Port *port)
virtual void port_menu_disconnect_all ()
bool remove_connection (const string &mod1_name, const string &port1_name, const string &mod2_name, const string &port2_name)
void remove_module (const string &name)
void set_default_placement (Module *m)
double width () const
void zoom (float pix_per_unit)
float zoom ()

Protected Member Functions

Portactive_port ()
void active_port (Port *p)
bool are_connected (const Port *port1, const Port *port2)
virtual void connect (const Port *const port1, const Port *const port2)=0
virtual void disconnect (const Port *const port1, const Port *const port2)=0
Connectionget_connection (const Port *port1, const Port *port2)
Portget_port_at (double x, double y)
void ports_joined (Port *port1, Port *port2)
bool remove_connection (Port *port1, Port *port2)
void remove_connection (Connection *c)

Protected Attributes

Gnome::Canvas::Rect m_base_rect
bool m_connection_dragging
ConnectionList m_connections
float m_current_zoom
double m_height
ModuleMap m_modules
bool m_scroll_dragging
double m_width
float m_zoom

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