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JackDriver Class Reference

#include <JackDriver.h>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Handles all externally driven functionality, registering ports etc.

Jack callbacks and connect methods and things like that live here. Right now just for jack ports, but that will change...

Definition at line 36 of file JackDriver.h.

Public Member Functions

void attach ()
bool connect (const string &src_module_name, const string &src_port_name, const string &dst_module_name, const string &dest_port_name)
void detach ()
bool disconnect (const string &src_module_name, const string &src_port_name, const string &dst_module_name, const string &dest_port_name)
 JackDriver (Patchage *app, pthread_mutex_t *refresh_mutex)
PatchagePatchBayArea * patch_bay ()
void refresh ()

Static Private Member Functions

static int jack_graph_order_cb (void *controller)
static void jack_port_registration_cb (jack_port_id_t port_id, int registered, void *controller)

Private Attributes

Patchage * m_app
jack_client_t * m_client
PatchagePatchBayArea * m_patch_bay
pthread_mutex_t * m_refresh_mutex

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